Second SUSTRACK Press Release

Happy 1st birthday, SUSTRACK!

Rome, 31/10/2023 – Happy birthday, SUSTRACK project! Funded by the European Commission as a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) and led by the UnitelmaSapienza University of Rome, the three-year project aims at supporting the identification of policy priorities and recommendations for designing a sustainable track towards circular bio-based systems, and has now reached its first year of activities.

During these first 12 months, many results were achieved, in order to support the circular bioeconomy transition.

Gülşah Yilan, the SUSTRACK project manager from UnitelmaSapienza University of Rome, gives some insights on the work done so far: “SUSTRACK conducted an analysis based on desk research with a focus on construction, chemicals, plastics, and textiles sectors, and collected results on environmental, economic, social and cultural limitations of the linear, fossil-based economy, as well as barriers and potential improvements associated with transitioning to a circular bio-based economy. We also reviewed the existing knowledge for monitoring and evaluating the transition to circular bio-based systems and identified major gaps across indicators and methods generally used to monitor and evaluate the bioeconomy across the three major policy-level analysis, micro, meso and macro levels. The suitability of the identified indicators for policy formulation will be verified through the analysis of 10 selected case studies across the four sectors”.

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